Cornelia Faasen

Chief Executive Officer: National Theatre initiative

The Vrystaat Arts Festival this year again does what it does best delivering a potpourri of plans, ideas, platforms, styles, disciplines, and genres. And NATi is excited and proud to once again be part of these celebrations.

Over the past few years, the Vrystaat Arts Festival has also gained a wonderful reputation as a home for young and experimental artists to practise their craft. The festival goes out of its way to search for young talent from near and far and also to work allogamous with the different platforms the Covid-19 pandemic has forced us to embrace. Something they do with enthusiasm and grace.It is hardly necessary to emphasise the challenges posed for the theatre and festival community during the past 18 months. However, the Vrystaat Arts Festival confronted it point-blank by presenting projects and productions that not only give hope but, more importantly, also create job opportunities for artists. We salute the Vrystaat Arts Festival for their courage and the focus falling this year on Free State artists promises to deliver a hotchpotch of challenging, creative, and boundary-shifting work.