Die uil in die ysbos

Gracie-Jane Coetzee’s first grandchild is born shortly before the president announces the first lockdown. This fifty-two-year-old writer and illustrator is not exactly a conventional grandmother. She prefers the company of Sad Sack, her faithful old Basset Hound, over any other relationship. At night when the PTSD refuses to let her rest, she treats the obsessive symptoms with a few glasses of wine. Gracie wants to be part of her grandson’s life, but first, she has to mend the broken bond of trust with her son, JJ.

Place of event
Place of event 27 Oct 17:30  
Datum en tyd/Date and time
Event language Afrikaans
Event presenter Madré Marais
Susan Coetzer
Besprekingspaneel/Discussion panel
60 min