Diep spoor

In the stormy years before and during the Great Trek, three women’s lives become intertwined in a struggle for survival. Katrien and her husband, Stefaans, wanted to make a living on the Eastern border, but after much adversity, they were forced to move inland. Dina, a slave girl, moves with them, her love for Stefaans a secret that she guards at all cost. Thabisa is also part of Katrien’s circle. When Stefaans joins Piet Retief’s fatal delegation, she is reminded again of the injustice that Shaka committed to her family.

Place of event
Place of event 24 Nov 17:30  
Datum en tyd/Date and time
Event language Afrikaans
Event presenter Leana Lategan
Jeanette Stals
Besprekingspaneel/Discussion panel
60 min