disobedience rules!

Australian sly mischief makers, pvi collective hit town with their live action board game, disobedience rules! For three sessions only, inspiring and diverse community leaders will join pvi at a secret location to lift the lid to a world of civil disobedience, where it is your civic duty to creatively misbehave. A kick-ass team of ‘uncivil servants’, are stationed at Hoffman Square ready to transform players’ thoughts into action. From the tiniest acts of refusal to the most audacious public interventions, disobedience rules! Join us on the city streets as we deploy humour, tactical mischief and collective action as a means to test out new forms of everyday activism in Bloemfontein. disobedience rules! was conceptualised in collaboration with Alex Rinsler (UK). pvi collective is ondersteun deur/supported by: West Australian government (Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries) and the Australian Government deur /though the Australian Council, it’s arts funding and advisory body.