Afrikaanse digkuns strek wêreldwyd

Jerzy Koch, translator, poet and academic, is head of South African Studies at Mickiewicz University in Poznań. He has translated Jonker, Krog, and Breytenbach, among others. Most of his newest Afrikaans poetry collection, Pleks van plaas, comprise verses about South Africa. Several short, children’s, and youth stories, lyrics and stage dramas have flowed from De Waal Venter’s pen. With great dedication, he has translated the attentive and elemental world of Pablo Neruda, the Chilean poet and giant of world literature, brought together in the volume, Vandag is boordensvol.

Feel free to also tune into a free question-and-answer session, either through Zoom or on the Vrystaat Kunstefees Facebook page. The Q&A will take place on the 25 September, 15:00. Please use the following Zoom link to access: Kindly send an email to if you would like to participate in the Zoom Q&A.

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Poetry café
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Jerzy Koch, De Waal Venter
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