Hoe klink ONS

A poetical, visual and symphonic conversation between four artists and two cities: Cape Town and Zwolle.

October 2020 – during the Corona crisis – the artist duo BrotherTill and film maker Jonathan Sipkema from The Netherlands worked together with South African word artist Jitsvinger and film maker Lindsey Appolis on a unique project. In this film project they looked for new ways to get to know each other via digital channels. Their work stemmed from the idea: listening is looking, and looking is listening. “How does the streaming water sound on your side? Which song do the birds sing in the evening? Which sound sits under your skin?” In the 72-hour-long film project, four artists came to know each other through the words they put to the sounds of their homes and the poetry of the city they imagined.

The film project falls within the international collaboration project ONS Perspektief.

Place of event
Place of event
Datum en tyd/Date and time
Event actors Peter van Til – BrotherTill, Jitsvinger (Quintin Goliath)
Municipality Zwolle (NL), BrotherTill Foundation
Event language Afrikaans – Nederlands
Event music Mathijs van Til
Event country Peter van Til – BrotherTill, Jitsvinger (Quintin Goliath)
Event country Video: Jonathan Sipkema, Lindsey Appolis Audio Post-produksie: Tonny Nobel Kleurgradering: Wieger Steenhuis
09 min