HOUSE IN PLAY (CASA EM JOGO) / Playgrounds Por Todo lado! (Everywhere)

HOUSE IN PLAY is an interactive online Zoom performance experience for children ages 4 – 8 (and their parents) with performer Ieltxu Ortueta encouraging his audiences to rediscover the house as a space of play. The performance offers a delightful sense of play and interactive experience for the entire family. It intends to form a community of builders, creators, and artists from its audiences, young and old, devising playgrounds of composition, construction, and discovery. HOUSE IN PLAY / Playgrounds aspires to transcend age, language as well as cultural background / social class and will show us how art, play and creativity can connect us all.

Place of event
Place of event 30 Oct 15:00  13 Nov 15:00  
Datum en tyd/Date and time
Event actors Ieltxu Ortueta
Genre of event Theater for young audiences (TYA), Interactive online experience
Artefactos Bascos & KAPILAR! Residency Hürth
Event sponsor
Children (4 – 8) and their parents are welcome!
Ouderdomsbeperking/Age restriction
Event language English
Event country Ieltxu Ortueta (Artefactos Bascos), Erwin Maas (Co-created)
Toegangsfooi/Admission fee
60 min