Interface Exhibition

Curated by Miné Kleynhans and Teboho Mokhothu

Date: Virtual exhibition launch 4 October 2021

far from being a transparent window into the data inside a computer, the interface brings with it strong messages of its own. what kind?”

Virtual artworks and online art viewing have been prevalent for some time, yet the situation surrounding Covid-19 escalated a very rapid migration into the virtual space. We experience art through gallery websites, virtual exhibitions, online art fairs, and social media. The exhibition Interface brings together a selection of artists that grapple with the concept of “interfacing” as a meeting place between technology and users, art and audiences – or arguably, in some understandings, an absence of “meeting”. 

The exhibition will be showcased on a dedicated web domain followed by a physical exhibition in 2022 and interrogate the exchange and contradiction between these spaces that are “inter”.

Allen Laing. Cellphone Holder (2020). Fever tree and Kiaatwood.
Lesego Motsiri. Roses of the City (2021). Digital artwork / print on Albond metal.
Lyrene Kuhn Botma. Quick Response (2021). Digital drawing with scannable QR code on photo rag.