Porselynnkas Dokiementêr

Long before Jack Parow and Fokofpolisiekar, Porselynnkas was a poetic and more theatrical equivalent to the Voëlvry movement. Banned by local radio stations, loathed by the church, and considered out-of-bounds, Porselynnkas, nevertheless executed 34 poetry happenings, distributed 21 poetry volumes, made music, broadcasted a radio drama and caused anarchy in theatre between 1996 and 1999. In the mid 1990s Afrikaans theatre needed a black sheep – and found it in the form of Porselynnkas, one of the first performance poetry groups in the country.

Place of event
Place of event 23 Oct 18:00  
Datum en tyd/Date and time
Event actors Toast Coetzer, Gert Vlok Nel, Asha Zero, Deborah Steinmair, Matthew Kalil, Sjaka S Septembir, en ander
Genre of event Documentary, Avant garde, Comedy
Event sponsor
2-16, L, N, D
Ouderdomsbeperking/Age restriction
Event language Afrikaans with subtitles in English
Matthew Kalil
Toegangsfooi/Admission fee
52 min