Skuilname en byname in die literatuur

Well-known writers often use pseudonyms. Sometimes it is related to their work (Boerneef and the rural life; Kleinboer and his patch of land in Yeoville), sometimes it is mere abbreviations (M.E.R. for M.E. Rothman); sometimes it is a deliberate mystification (Lodewyk G. du Plessis; Kees Konyn). But it can also be a form of self-representation. Nicknames are something else altogether: these are names given to someone and can be typical and apply mostly in literary works (Oumappie-Slagkraal; Sitman); they can often also be insulting. In addition to a purely linguistic description, the participants will mull over the function of pseudonyms and nicknames and expand more on interesting examples.

Place of event
Place of event 20 Oct 17:30  
Datum en tyd/Date and time
Event language Afrikaans
Event presenter Hennie van Coller
Angelique van Niekerk, Nico Luwes
Besprekingspaneel/Discussion panel
60 min