Viva Dada!

“We are going to make a documentary about a missing book, what could be more simple?” What starts as a simple challenge leads to a struggle with creativity, depression and trying not to kill oneself. Almost ten years after making the documentary Porsellynkas, writer Sjaka Septembir and film maker Matthew Kalil set off on a journey to find a book that Sjaka wrote in the 90s. But there are no copies to be found anywhere. Their quest takes them back to both their childhood homes and a history that might be best left forgotten.

Place of event
Place of event 26 Nov 18:00  
Datum en tyd/Date and time
Event actors Toast Coetzer, Matthew Kalil, Sjaka S Septembir, en ander
Genre of event Documentary, Avant garde, Comedy
Event sponsor
2-16, L, D
Ouderdomsbeperking/Age restriction
Event language Afrikaans and English
Matthew Kalil
Toegangsfooi/Admission fee
52 min