Vreesfees saam met Nic en CW

What is the difference between horror and thriller? If you have asked this question before or just want to know why this genre is so popular, then Vreesfees is the programme for you. A chat programme that takes an in-depth look at horrors and thrillers and why these genres have taken the theatre world by storm. With six episodes of 10 minutes each, two theatre practitioners with years of experience will take you on a journey into the world of the macabre.

Place of event 26 Oct 20:00  
Datum en tyd/Date and time
Genre of event Talkshow, Horror, Thriller
Event sponsor
Ouderdomsbeperking/Age restriction
Event language Afrikaans
Event presenter CW Laten, Nic Beukes
Event country CW Laten, Nic Beukes
CW Laten, Nic Beukes
CW Laten, Nic Beukes
Verhoogbestuur/Stage Manager
R10 per episode
Toegangsfooi/Admission fee
10-min episodes (60 min Total)