Vryspraak Digitaal

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the Vrystaat Literature Festival was necessitated to significantly change our usual way of working. We undertook ground-breaking work by hosting South Africa’s very first digital book festival, as an extension of the annual literary festival, called VrySpraak-digitaal. Resulting from this expansion, we have also established the Vrystaat Literature Festival group on Facebook.

We are particularly excited about everyone living outside Bloemfontein and the Free State, hence everyone nationwide, and even South Africans abroad, who are now able to view and participate in the program. You are all very welcome – Bloemfonteiners, Free Staters, and South Africans from all over!

Our sincere gratitude to all the writers, poets and other participants who have joined us in embracing this ‘new normal’. You are pioneers of online festivals! And thank you to our sponsors, the UFS and the ATKV, for your continued support!

To all book enthusiasts, join in, tune in, take part!