neXus 2020

‘creatively connecting communities’

by urbanflo creative and Vian Roos

The neXus 2020 arts exchange is a dynamic collaboration between urbanflo creative and artist Vian Roos in association with Vrystaat Arts Festival (South Africa), Brighton Fringe (UK), Lagos Fringe (Nigeria) and The Brighton Storeroom Gallery (Barbados).  The project is supported by Brighton & Hove Pride’s Cultural Development Fund and features the stunning imagery of 25 international artists

Focusing on our global connectivity, neXus presents a series of pop-up exhibitions across Brighton alongside several virtual platforms that offer a unique transnational axis for artists to reflect on our humanity – our differences, our shared heritage, and the many sensibilities we have in common. The wide range of themes explored includes; the intersections of justice (social, economic, political, climate), colonialism, embodied trauma, transitions, displacement, identity, heritage, gender, migration, mental health, racism, violence, conflict, emotions, wellbeing, spiritualism, allyship, and FUN!

neXus 2020 Artists
180_Collective | Aderemi Adegbite | Diensen Pamben | Elliss Lewin-Turner | Estabrak | Dr Gil Mualem-Doron | J.A.E. Okojie | Jaryd Niles-Morris | Josef Cabey | Knoxy | Kojo Anim | Kraig Yearwood | Kyle Babb | Leeroy Jason | M. Andrew Thomas | Mark Antony Dobson | Maryam Mirzaei | Michele D’Acosta | Odi Oquosa | Pierre van Vuuren | Ravisi | Rivenis | Tunde Alabi-Hundeyin II | XiiThe7even | Yvonne J Foster

Pop-up Exhibitions:
Brighton (UK)
14A Jubilee Street (12 Oct – 13 Nov)
Brighton Dome Café (12 Oct – 13 Nov)
Plus X Innovation Hub (19 Oct – 15 Nov)
Attenborough Centre (26 Oct – 21 Nov)

Digital Screens:
Brighton (UK)
Jubilee Library  (12 – 31 Oct)
Afro Hair Academy (26 Oct – 30 Nov)

Virtual Exhibitions:
12 Oct – 13 Nov 
Urbanflo Creative
Photo Fringe
Brighton Fringe
Brighton Pride
Vrystaat Arts Festival


Shouting from the boulders i – iv

South Africa

Aderemi Adegbite



Diensen Pamben

Beyond The Postcard

Top left: Paradise, Top right: Traveller
Below left: Faith, Bottom right: Progress


Elliss Lewin-Turner

Top left: Texture 2, Top right: Rastawoman
Below left: Sweeter than silence, Bottom right: Unicode




Top from left: Augosto, Lola, Maitha
Middle from left: Mashael, Luar, Mila
Below from left: Mohammed, Paul, Estabrak (Self-portrait)


Dr Gil Mualem-Doron

Windrush 2020 and ISTVÁN

Top: Windrush 2020


J.A.E. Okojie

Top left: Iyoba- Queen Mother, Top right: Gourds and men
Below from left: Legends of the Redlands i and ii


Jaryd Niles-Morris

Find Her Rhythm i, ii, iii


Josef Cabey

Top from left: Doranne_Goodbye ( Doranne Four), Doranne_Blowing candles 84th year, Doranne_Those Things (Doranne Two),
Below from left: Untitled i, Untitled ii, Steam



Beyond The Veil

Survive, Arise, Pride


Kojo Anim

A Heart with a Lens

Left from top: Adinkra Black African kings, Adinkra snakes on eggs
Right: Day 3 Dream Achieve_dreams


Kraig Yearwood

Left: Paradise King
Right: Into the Void 2


Kyle Babb

Top from left: Pebbles Beach Barbados, Cobble Cove, At The Domino Table
Below from left: Modern Heritage, Mom


Leeroy Jason

South African

M. Andrew Thomas

The Jazz Singer


Mark Antony Dobson

Top from left: Howling 2 and 3
Middle from left: Thirst 3 and 4
Bottom from left: Winter Wonderland 1 and 2

South African

Maryam Mirzaei

Top from left: Shamseh Overlap, Understanding the Speaker, In the Name of God
Below from left: Shamseh 1, Flowers and Birds Surrounded by Tasheer


Michele D’Acosta

Collage i and ii


Odi Oquosa

Emergence of the Seer!
– West, East, North and South! Revealing and Healing!


Pierre van Vuuren

Boys Don’t cry

? WHAT DO YOU SEE by Elme Ravenscroft

What I see when I see

I see them say 

Will they see me when I say
to carry a tree on your back
with roots of wire

whimpering “drought!”

is to know

water does not come
where boys won’t cry

is to drape yourself
in frostnet
to induce warmth 

to speak “growth!”

to carry a tree on your back
is to know
we command
men to stifle the river of their soft voice
to germinate
from the most barren corners of a ribcage

to reap wired roots
that do not rot nor dissolve
but gift us wings of trees
that do not nourish us nor let us fly 

What do you see?
I see a tree.

South African


Twinning & Black Lives Matter



Top from left: Cirque Du Discord, White Tree, Parade of the Fallen’
Bottom from left: Mothers, Look Out for Falling Things, Of the Forest


Tunde Alabi-Hundeyin II




fOURm Series

First row: fOURm Series Gateway i and ii
Second row: fOURm Series Elongation i and ii
third row: Herbal Queen i and ii
Fourth row: UZiMA Series Identity’ and ‘red Lady’


Yvonne J Foster

Brain Landscapes

Top: Brain Landscapes 1 and 17
Bottom: Brian Landscape 2 (Video)


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